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Java Design Patterns

Design patterns implemented in Java. Really good reference. All designs should be as simple as possible.

What Tech Stacks are Indie Hackers Using for Their Apps, and Why?

Descriptions of tech stacks and justifications for them at small startups. Bottom line: build modularly with technology you're familiar with.

Convert a Bird Scooter to a personal one with $32 kit

Buy a Bird at police auction and replace motherboard with custom part. Would like to try this at some point. Maybe when it gets warmer.

Writing copy for landing pages

How to write high-conversion copy for landing pages

Pricing low-touch SaaS

Low-touch SaaS pricing guide with case studies

The Best SaaS landing page examples I've seen

SaaS landing pages should have a great header, social proof, a great call to action

Submit Checklist

List of 100 startup directories to submit startup for publicity.

MkCert: Valid HTTPS Certificates for LocalHost

Use HTTPS locally to remove difference with production

Atlassian Retrospectives

Run retrospectives: setup, what went well, what went wrong, action items/next strps

Tools for Remote Software Development and Pair Programming

Tools for Remote Software Development and Pair Programming