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The Friendship Cure

5 great friends > many shallow ones

The Lazarus Drug

Narcan and Naloxone have saved thousands of lives, but they might actually encourage dangerous drug use.

Everything I Never Told You

Lydia Lee, a 16 year old in Middletown, commits suicide. Her family grapples with how this could have happened. It turns out everyone, including Lydia, has their own internal demons that don't come out until it's too late.

#462: How to Tell Better Stories

Moth winner says storytelling is easy. Just pick something and run with it. Stop trying to be perfect.

David Deutsch on the infinite reach of knowledge

Futurist and optimist. Humans are significant because we have knowledge.

Nina Jacobson: How to Make a Hit in Hollywood

Big failures can be handled by pushing forward and believing in your core values.


Read quickly during Easter service. Story of a loyal daughter-in-law who helps mother-in-law cope with loss of husband and sons.


Story of a kid named August who has a disfigured face who goes to school for the first time. It's definitely a kid's book. I appreciated the message a lot and it was well-told, but I think I would have enjoyed it much more 10 years ago :)