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Dissect Season 1: To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar

Incredibly detailed analysis of To Pimp a Butterfly. Incredible music with a purpose

355. Where Does Creativity Come From (and Why Do Schools Kill It Off)?

Creativity stems from early-life circumstances. How can these circumstances be replicated?

#48 - Brian Christian on better living through the wisdom of computer science

Optimal shopping. Multi-armed bandit. Really great parallels between CS and life. Will be picking up the book.

Machine Learning Guide

30 Episodes of Machine Learning content. Best audio resource I've found.

#1212 - David Goggins

Crazy dedication coming from a very rough childhood. Listening to him will make you want to run through a wall.

Dissect Season 2: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West

MBDTF: rightfully considered one of the greatest hip hop albums ever, even more so when put into context.

Peter Attia, M.D. -- How to Live a Longer, Higher Quality Life

Great actionable advice on health. Will definitely try and read more of Attia's work.

Canva: Melanie Perkins

Melanie Perkins built Australia's first unicorn through sheer force of will

Freakonomics Radio Live: The World's a Mess. But Oysters, They Hold it Down.

Oysters, soda tax, beer empire. Pulled the important concept of hypo- and hyper-cognition out.

Sam Hinkie -- Data, Decisions, and Basketball

Rare and very well-done interview with one of my heroes

What Can Uber Teach Us About the Gender Pay Gap?

The Gender Pay Gap for Uber drivers is 20% explained by when and where drivers drive, 30% explained by experience, and 50% explained by driver speed.

How Psychedelics Can Expand Your Consciousness, With Michael Pollan

Psychedelics are tools. They should be researched and used more.

101: Ben Orenstein - How to Build an App in a Week

Be ruthless about cutting and be flexible about scope. Set hard deadlines.

#47 - Catherine Olsson & Daniel Ziegler on the fast path into high-impact ML roles

OpenAI and Google Brain engineers on their unconventional paths into AI and the impactful work they're doing

354. How to Be Creative

We need more field experience and tests on creativity to really get to the root of it.

Systems and Software for Machine Learning at Scale with Jeff Dean - TWiML Talk #121

Good interview with one of the AI Gods.

285. There's a War on Sugar. Is it Justified?

Sugar is addictive and toxic. People generally support some type of regulation, but not an outright ban.

#1189 - Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold is a big wall free solo climber. Good insight into the mind of someone who is crazy but also rational.

Stripe: Patrick and John Collison

Patrick (29) and John (27) Collison are inspirations.

Where Jonathan Haidt things the American mind went wrong

What's wrong with safe spaces and how they're hurting more than they're helping this generation

FUBU: Daymond John

Daymond John put it all on the line and had to hustle incredibly hard to build the brand FUBU and finally justify not going to college like his peers.

Jeremiah Lowin - Machine Learning in Investing

Investment theses of a top ML investor.

90: Jonathan Haidt | The Danger of Good Intentions and Safe Spaces

What's wrong with the bubble of college campuses.

#102 - Andrew Kortina

Founder of Venmo and Fin. Future of work.

You 2.0: When Did Marriage Become So Hard?

Changing perspectives on long-term relationships have changed the nature of marriage.

Here's Why All Your Projects Are Always Late--And What to Do About It

Projects, especially big ones, are always late. This is due to optimism bias, coordination neglect, the planning fallacy, and (in the case of government) planners not being around for consequences.

Boyd and Bronwyn Varty - Track Your Life

Human connections to nature from the South African Safari. Parallels in business and life.

Does Early Education Come Way Too Late?

Parenting is so high-pressure. Seems like you can create a big gap if you're not super diligent even in the first two to three years!

#382: The Secrets of Greater Endurance

Endurance is much much more elastic than you might think. It's also trainable!

Live Episode! RXBAR: Peter Rahal

Peter Rahal overcame dyslexia to build a $600M health bar company in half a decade.

341. Why We Choke Under Pressure (and How Not To)

Preparation --> execution.

#376: When to Copmete, When to Cooperate, and How to Succeed at Both

Assortment of advice and knowledge on human power dynamics

#1022 - Eric Weinstein

Managing director at Thiel Capital. Really smart, wide-ranging discussion.

Mel Gibson and Dr. Neil Riordan

Discussion of mesenchymal stem cells and their incredible results. Only legal in Panama right now.

#471: Using Mental Models to Make Better Decisions

Argument for using mental models to improve thought processes

Keith Rabois - If You Can't Sell Them, Compete With Them

Mental models from an investor who has held senior positions at big companies.

52: Cal Fussman | How To Ask Big Questions for Big Answers

Cal Fussman is a really good writer and interviewer. Good insight into his processes.

#1213 - Dr. Andrew Weil

Combining 'scientific' and 'holistic' medicine. Interesting perspective.

The Lazarus Drug

Narcan and Naloxone have saved thousands of lives, but they might actually encourage dangerous drug use.

Ash Fontana -- Investing in Artificial Intelligence

A top AI investor gives his perspective on the industry and his investment thesis

360. Is the Protestant Work Ethic Real?

Protestants working harder might be a function of their religion. It's still up in the air. Circumstantial evidence points to the fact religion might have an effect.

Annie Duke | How to Make Decisions Like a Poker Champ

Annie Duke (have heard her on other podcasts and have her book on my reading list) discusses the relative roles of decision quality and luck in producing life's outcomes.


Relatable and thought-provoking conversation about the true value of college today.

306 - Breaking Bad News

SPIKES system for breaking bad news: Setting Perception Invitiation Knowledge Emotions Strategy

Markov Decision Processes

Markov Decision Processes are Finite State Machines with four key components: state, action, transition function, reward function. They run into the curse of dimensionality.

The Friendship Cure

5 great friends > many shallow ones

#449: Faster and Cheaper Alternatives to College

Why college is the way it is today, and why that makes it a suboptimal choice for a lot of people

Evolution, Accelerated

CRISPR/CAS9 gene editing is equal parts exciting and terrifying.

353. How to Optimize Your Apology

Considerations when apologizing: don't wait, don't give context, apologize for actions not misunderstandings, identify your victim, express remorse, provide restitution.

Winograd Schema Challenge

The Winograd Schema Challenge aims to address the flaws in the Turing Test to determine if an AI is "human level".

#387: Think Like a Poker Player to Make Better Decisions

Trust The Process. Poker-sourced advice is pretty similar to DFS.

Where Jonathan Haidt things the American mind went wrong

Digital minimalism

The Most Ambitious Thing Humans Have Ever Attempted

Truly global healthcare is "the most ambitious thing humans have ever attempted", but there are reasons for optimism.

How Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Will Make You a Better Man

Gracie family member on the origins and modern usages of BJJ.

Will Storr on why you are not yourself

Nothing we own today is ours. This is sobering, but we can fix it.

#405: The Power of Team Captains

On the importance and misconceptions surrounding team captains in sports, and how the principles can be applied to the rest of life.

#464: What's Causing the Sex Recession?

Kate Julian says fear or emotional connection is causing less physical connection.

#462: How to Tell Better Stories

Moth winner says storytelling is easy. Just pick something and run with it. Stop trying to be perfect.

126: Matthew Walker | Unlocking the Power of Sleep

Really smart woman who took a pretty unconventional path of running underground poker games, lost it all, and has come back strong.

120: Molly Bloom | The One Who Makes the Rules Wins the Game

Really smart woman who took a pretty unconventional path of running underground poker games, lost it all, and has come back strong.

#87 - Elad Gil

Be ruthless about cutting and be flexible about scope. Set hard deadlines.

The elusive formula for great hiring w/Workday's Aneel Bhusri

Advice on hiring. Bhusri personally interviewed first 500 employees at Workday.

SYSK Selects: How Grief Works

Grief isn't as easily described ('5 stages') or widespread as you might think

Being Bayesian

Be more rigorous in real life by thinking in terms of priors, posteriors, and updates.

Nina Jacobson: How to Make a Hit in Hollywood

Big failures can be handled by pushing forward and believing in your core values.

David Deutsch on the infinite reach of knowledge

Futurist and optimist. Humans are significant because we have knowledge.

From Research to Startup, There and Back Again

Decades of experience in Silicon Valley with John Hennessy (current chairman of Alphabet)

108: James Clear | Forming Atomic Habits for Astronomic Results

Reducing effort to make habits second-nature.

False Discovery Rates

How to reduce the noise of making multiple comparisons.

346. Two (Totally Opposite) Ways to Save the Planet

Wizards and prophets offer two different perspectives on the fate of humanity.

The Bad Show

Are bad and good black and white? How do you evaluate the gray area?

#434: Legendary Coach John Wooden's Secrets of Leadership

Takeaways from one of the most accomplished coaches ever.

Beyong Zero-Sum Thinking in the Game of Tech...and Life

Zero sum thinking in politics and economics is outdated and poisonous.

#71 - Chris D'Elia

Don't be a cuda.

Malcolm Gladwell's 12 Rules for Life

Pull the goalie.

60: Todd Kashdan | The Bright Truth about Your Dark Side

Channelling anger and frustration positively

No Cow Founder On Growing From One-Man-Show To General Mills-backed Company

21-year-old entrepreneur in Colorado who overcame a lot of mistakes to build a successful business

Transfer Learning

Transfer learning is powerful and underutilized.

151: Dave Asprey | Biohacking the Way to a Bulletproof Life

Dave Asprey biohacking

337. How to Build a Smart City

City-scale growth and management is extremely intricate and difficult.

Kalman Filters

Kalman filters are a simple but powerful technique for determining the most likely current state of an object in motion.

51: Shane Snow | How To Work Together Without Falling Apart

Snippets of advice on how groups can succeed.

335. Does Doing Good Give You License to Be Bad?

It's inconclusive which way the seesaw of Corporate Social Responsibiliy vs. moral licensing tips.

How to Kick Ass, With Mel Robbins

Life hacks and advice from author Mel Robbins.

Feedback Friday | How to Charge What You're Worth

Not much to see, just one resource and one nugget.

Game Theory

Game theory is the study of equilibria-based solutions.

Aubrey Marcus Wants To Help You Be The Best You

CEO of a company that makes brain- and body-enhancing supplements. Chats about his company and his personal life.

5 Psychology Terms You're Probably Misusing

Bystander apathy, hardwired brain, statistically reliable, personality type, and steep learning curve are all commonly misused.

#491 - Weekly Recap: When To Leave a Good Job

Easy: leave right before it becomes a bad job.

#402: Why Honor Matters

What is honor? It still has a place as a part of civilization.

Nepotism: When Hiring the Best Just Won't Do

Nepotism is the practice of hiring family members who might not be qualified for the job. It has a long and checkered history.

Tire Agent: What Is a Startup Actually Worth?

Raise money at a valuation you can go up from. When you're raising money, your competition is other startups competing for VC attention.

#484 - Weekly Recap: How to Go from $1,000 to $5,000/Month

How to increase profit? Either sell to more customers or sell more to existing customers.

#20 Never Underestimate Your First Idea w/ Twitter/Medium's Ev Williams

You can spend your entire career iterating on one idea, like Ev Williams has going from Blogger to Twitter to Medium.

Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement learning is a type of unsupervised state-action-transition-reward training mainly used to learn games right now.

Suze Orman: From Waitress to Personal Finance Wizard

Suze Orman is another example of stubbornness and hustle helping someone break into an industry.

Duana Welch | The Science of Jealousy and How to Manage It

Jealousy is rooted deeply into our psychology but there are ways to carve out the bad parts and leave the good.

#391: Micronutrients, Genetics, and Preventing Age-Related Diseases

Micronutrients are essential for health. Magnesium, folate, etc. Also goes into intermittent fasting.

Improv'ing Leadership

How a background in improv and comedy prepared Dick Costolo to be a CEO in Silicon Valley

Reproducibility and the Philosophy of Data with Clare Gollnick - TWiML Talk #121

Studies are not reproducible and it's not a good look for the industry. Solution: do real research, don't just throw stuff at a wall and see what sticks.

#388: Why Group Culture Is So Important to Success

Leaders create strong cultures by providing vision, purpose, and connection, freeing members to engage in "deep fun"

#22 How to find your big idea

Look, look, look, then act.

#384: What It Really Means to Be Self-Reliant

Self-reliance is maintaining sovereignty over oneself in a connected civilized world.

Optimal decision-making with POMDPs

POMDPs are Markov decision processes that have to deal with a partially obervable game.

#19 How To Price Your Product to Scale

Advice on struggling startups, pivots, and pricing products.

#380: How to Be Braver

What bravery really is and how to apply it.

#17 Model Behavior w/ Entrepreneur/Investor Caterina Fake

You must set the tone for your community from day one.

Will Storr | Avoiding Self-Obsession in the Age of the Selfie

Don't compare yourself with other people. Evaluate against your own inner barometer.

#377: 12 Rules for Life with Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson speaks more on his worldview and new book.

#1070 - Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson, champion of many people against 'neo-liberal' ideas, is quite persuasive and an engaging speaker.

Jim Breyer On How He Picks Winners

Early investor in Facebook, Spotify, much more. His list of great qualities in an entrepreneur: attracting talent, retaining talent, technical proficiency, outside interests. Super bullish on AI.

Dell Computers - Michael Dell

Michael Dell often gets lost in the shuffle of the Gates's, Bezos's, Zuckerbergs, but his story is just as important. Super sharp guy. Focus on customers, not competition.

The Snuggle is Real

Fella has a designer onesies side hustle. If you're entering a saturated market, have a differentiator. Things don't always start as successes.

The Backfire Effect - Part Four

The Backfire Effect has been memed beyond recognizability from its conception. Clears the air about what exactly it is and where exactly is has been and cannot be observed.


Collection of thoughts and questions about dealing with people.


Thoughts on starting for the first time and starting over.

358. Yes, the Open Office is Terrible -- But It Doesn't Have to Be

Use small team offices or WFH or individual offices to address the issues with open offices.

Ryan Michler | Why Man Is His Own Worst Enemy

Title misleading. Just a chat about processes that help you maintain sanity