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Lost and Founder

Extremely transparent and valuable perspective of a 15-year startup CEO who has been through it all.

Shoe Dog

Tons of great stories and actionable takeaways from the founding and growth story of Nike, right from the source. Really, really good.

A Gentleman in Moscow

Fantastic story, turning the seemingly mundane into something wonderful. One of Obama's favorite books he read in 2017.

How to American: An Immigrant's Guide to Disappointing Your Parents

Fantastic and relatable storytelling about the Asian-American experience for someone who rejects the lawyer/doctor/engineer career path.

Lab Girl

Memoir of a female plant biologist from Minnesota with a one-track mind for science. No BS.

The Surrender Experiment

A memoir about finding enlightenment through Buddhist meditation, and how that brought fortune to the other areas in the author's life. Well-told, but I wasn't able to fully get past my initial skepticism.