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Putting Mental Models to Practice

Get the most out of using mental models by applying them deliberately.

The Psychology of Money

Really really good blog post about fallacies people commit with money and in life

The Starter Manager Guide

Getting started guide for new managers, especially in the context of startups

Chinese Businessmen: Let Reality Be The Teacher

Trial and error > business theory!!

Lost and Founder

Extremely transparent and valuable perspective of a 15-year startup CEO who has been through it all.

Stripe: Patrick and John Collison

Patrick (29) and John (27) Collison are inspirations.

Getting Your First Ten Customers

Getting started with sales. It's a necessity for entrepreneurs. It'll be uncomfortable at first but it's completely doable.

The SaaS Learning Curve

People > tech; SaaS = Service as a Software

Canva: Melanie Perkins

Melanie Perkins built Australia's first unicorn through sheer force of will

What Can Uber Teach Us About the Gender Pay Gap?

The Gender Pay Gap for Uber drivers is 20% explained by when and where drivers drive, 30% explained by experience, and 50% explained by driver speed.

The Gambler Who Cracked the Horse-Racing Code

Incredible story about the sharks of horse betting

An interview with Patrick Collison

Narrative deep-dive on one of my favorite startups and pair of founders.

Software as a Service, as a Business

The SaaS playbook, from one of the experts.

Why Are Enterprises So Slow?

Great visibility from a technical process perspective into why the enterprise is slow.

Chinese Businessmen: Superstition Doesn't Count

Chinese businessmen are superstitious yet still successful because maybe 'rationality' isn't all that.

Don't Take Generic Business Advice From VCs

VC's incentives are not the same as entrepreneurs', don't delude yourself into thinking that they are.

What Truly Makes a Senior Developer

Senior developers understand that nothing is without possible issues, downsides, and risks.

Just Fucking Ship

Title says it all. Techniques for getting around the emotional barriers to shipping a product.

Chinese Businessmen: Maybe Strategy Matters

Strategy might matter for growing massive, but it is less important at small scales.

The Chinese Businessman Paradox

The success of Chinese businessmen under 'poor' business practices should make us question accepted Western wisdom.

The untold story of Stripe, the secretive $20bn startup driving Apple, Amazon, and Facebook

Narrative deep-dive on one of my favorite startups and pair of founders.

Jeremiah Lowin - Machine Learning in Investing

Investment theses of a top ML investor.

90: Jonathan Haidt | The Danger of Good Intentions and Safe Spaces

What's wrong with the bubble of college campuses.

Boyd and Bronwyn Varty - Track Your Life

Human connections to nature from the South African Safari. Parallels in business and life.

Live Episode! RXBAR: Peter Rahal

Peter Rahal overcame dyslexia to build a $600M health bar company in half a decade.

How my role as CTO has changed as we've grown to 100 engineers

From building the product to managing 100 people and everywhere in between. Good roadmap and point of reference for me.

How to negotiate the long, slow, SaaS Ramp of Death

Interview covering the lifecycle, pitfalls, and possible solutions of starting and running a SaaS business

The Bill Gates Line

The distinction between platforms and aggregators is important! Platforms are a much better model.

FUBU: Daymond John

Daymond John put it all on the line and had to hustle incredibly hard to build the brand FUBU and finally justify not going to college like his peers.

Here's Why All Your Projects Are Always Late--And What to Do About It

Projects, especially big ones, are always late. This is due to optimism bias, coordination neglect, the planning fallacy, and (in the case of government) planners not being around for consequences.

Does Early Education Come Way Too Late?

Parenting is so high-pressure. Seems like you can create a big gap if you're not super diligent even in the first two to three years!

Look for the Duct Tape

How do you find things to work on? Find the duct tape and soften the edges. Requires talking to people!

Keep Your Identity Small

The fewer things you keep in your identity, the stronger your identity becomes and the more fruitful discussions you can have about things outside your identity.

How to Hire Your First Engineer

Triplebyte founder with actionable advice on engineering hiring at early-stage startups.

120: Molly Bloom | The One Who Makes the Rules Wins the Game

Really smart woman who took a pretty unconventional path of running underground poker games, lost it all, and has come back strong.

Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days

Playbook for launching a side hustle. I really need to work on the fear part of launching things.

Beyong Zero-Sum Thinking in the Game of Tech...and Life

Zero sum thinking in politics and economics is outdated and poisonous.

EuroPython 2018: How to Ignore Most Startup Advice and Build a Decent Software Business

Lifestyle business, a counterpoint to VC-backed businesses.

Google AI Chief Jeff Dean's ML System Architecture Blueprint

Lifestyle business, a counterpoint to VC-backed businesses.

Jim Breyer On How He Picks Winners

Early investor in Facebook, Spotify, much more. His list of great qualities in an entrepreneur: attracting talent, retaining talent, technical proficiency, outside interests. Super bullish on AI.

Malcolm Gladwell's 12 Rules for Life

Pull the goalie.

Dell Computers - Michael Dell

Michael Dell often gets lost in the shuffle of the Gates's, Bezos's, Zuckerbergs, but his story is just as important. Super sharp guy. Focus on customers, not competition.

What Tech Stacks are Indie Hackers Using for Their Apps, and Why?

Descriptions of tech stacks and justifications for them at small startups. Bottom line: build modularly with technology you're familiar with.

The Snuggle is Real

Fella has a designer onesies side hustle. If you're entering a saturated market, have a differentiator. Things don't always start as successes.

Pricing low-touch SaaS

Low-touch SaaS pricing guide with case studies

Aubrey Marcus Wants To Help You Be The Best You

CEO of a company that makes brain- and body-enhancing supplements. Chats about his company and his personal life.

5 Psychology Terms You're Probably Misusing

Bystander apathy, hardwired brain, statistically reliable, personality type, and steep learning curve are all commonly misused.

#491 - Weekly Recap: When To Leave a Good Job

Easy: leave right before it becomes a bad job.

Nepotism: When Hiring the Best Just Won't Do

Nepotism is the practice of hiring family members who might not be qualified for the job. It has a long and checkered history.

126: Matthew Walker | Unlocking the Power of Sleep

Really smart woman who took a pretty unconventional path of running underground poker games, lost it all, and has come back strong.

Writing copy for landing pages

How to write high-conversion copy for landing pages

AMA with John Doerr

The most important thing in building a company is its people.

Tire Agent: What Is a Startup Actually Worth?

Raise money at a valuation you can go up from. When you're raising money, your competition is other startups competing for VC attention.

#484 - Weekly Recap: How to Go from $1,000 to $5,000/Month

How to increase profit? Either sell to more customers or sell more to existing customers.

#20 Never Underestimate Your First Idea w/ Twitter/Medium's Ev Williams

You can spend your entire career iterating on one idea, like Ev Williams has going from Blogger to Twitter to Medium.

#17 Model Behavior w/ Entrepreneur/Investor Caterina Fake

You must set the tone for your community from day one.

Nina Jacobson: How to Make a Hit in Hollywood

Big failures can be handled by pushing forward and believing in your core values.

Ask HN: What do you do in your 1-on-1s with your direct reports?

Wisdom of the crowd for 1-on-1s

Why Are We Still Teaching Reading the Wrong Way?

Reading should be taught methodically beginning with phonics, not by putting books in front of kids and telling them to read.

The One Management Hack That Will Help You Keep Your Sanity

The secret to prioritizing is getting really good at evaluating management tasks.

#22 How to find your big idea

Look, look, look, then act.

From Research to Startup, There and Back Again

Decades of experience in Silicon Valley with John Hennessy (current chairman of Alphabet)

Why Conduct One-On-Ones When They Take So Much Of Your Time?

One on ones help prevent blowups, build trust, give and receive feedback, spread culture, and hold on to subordinates

The elusive formula for great hiring w/Workday's Aneel Bhusri

Advice on hiring. Bhusri personally interviewed first 500 employees at Workday.

AWS, MongoDB, and the Economic Realities of Open Source

Open Source financials echo those of the music industry; what's being sold is not the software, but the packaging. This is dangerous if left unaddressed.

YC's Series A Diligence Checklist

What you need to have ready once you sign a Series A term sheet.

#19 How To Price Your Product to Scale

Advice on struggling startups, pivots, and pricing products.

Switching From Engineering to Management

Ease the transition by changing your mindset, getting rid of some habits, and improving on others

How to Fail as a new engineering manager

Stop coding. Care about people. Express yourself.

358. Yes, the Open Office is Terrible -- But It Doesn't Have to Be

Use small team offices or WFH or individual offices to address the issues with open offices.