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Mistborn: The Final Empire

★ ★ ★ ★

TL;DR: Mistborn is a great fantasy read. Incredible world-building. Really enjoyed the magic aspect and the descriptions. Would recommend to fans of Harry Potter-like stories. Only nitpick is that the main character (Vin) is a bit of a Mary Sue.

Recommended by Nate


  • Centered around the idea of “allomancy”: burning metals internally to create effects like moving fast or being strong
    • Also feruchemy: allows you to store things like strength or vision or energy in metals, and wear them on your body
  • Skaa are slaves, “nobles” are the people who own skaas. Only noble blood can produce allomancy
  • The Lord Ruler is considered immortal and all-powerful. He is both an allomancer and feruchemist
  • “Obligators” are bureaucrats who are the eyes and ears of the Lord Ruler
  • “Inquisitors” are scary and super powerful allomancers with spikes in their eyes. Only 20 or so of them.
  • Vin discovers that the Lord Ruler is an allomancer and feruchemist by burning the “Eleventh Metal”. Then her and Marsh fight the Lord Ruler together. Vin is able to get his feruchemy jewelry off of him. He loses his power and they are able to kill him.


Gritting his teeth, Kelsier flared his pewter again; it was running low, he noticed. (99) [Tiger: this sentence structure stood out to me as interesting and unique]

The best liars are those who tell the truth most of the time (272)

If you're always on time, it implies that you never have anything better you should be doing. (443)

Vin closed her eyes, simply feeling the warmth of being held. And realized that was all she had ever really wanted. (630)