Coolest Things I Learned in 2018

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  • Whenever there is a market fad/phenomena with low or no barriers and a flood of entrants—the best strategy is often: Be the arms dealer.
  • The lowest profile players in high-profile, low-barrier industries are almost always the most profitable.
  • Don’t sell wine, sell barrels.
  • Don’t make movies, create animation software.
  • Don’t own restaurants, build the restaurant supply company.
  • Feynman: Instead of arbitrarily memorizing things, look for the explanation that makes it obvious.
  • “Avoid boring people” - Jim Watson, co-discoverer of DNA
  • A Simple Formula for Writing Better Hooks
    • “Get 3 yes’s in 30 seconds.”
    • Readers should nod their head yes to the headline, subheading, and first sentence.
    • If they’ve made it to the third sentence, they’re ready for an interesting and compelling story.