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Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days

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TL;DR: Playbook for launching a side hustle. I really need to work on the “fear” part of launching things.


  • When you have multiple paychecks, you’re no longer dependent on a single employer

Week 1: Build an Arsenal of Ideas

Day 1: Predict the Fture

  • Create a sustainable and ongoing source of income that makes a real difference in your quality of life
  • Idea should be feasible, profitable, and persuasive
  • Should be able to explain in a sentence or two

Day 2: Learn How Money Grows on Trees

  • High-potential idea:
    • Describe in one sentence
    • Obvious way to make money
    • Solves a problem
    • Can happen quickly
    • Low maintenance
    • Can get paid more than once?

Day 3: Brainstorm, Borrow, or Steal Ideas

  • Starter idea: sell your own stuff
  • Next-level idea: buy other peoples’ stuff, then resell for more

Day 4: Weight the Obstacles and Opportunities of Each Idea

Day 5: Forecast your Profit on the Back of a Napkin

  • Profit = Income - Expenses
  • Make a range of projections: Original, Conservative, Optimistic

Week 2: Select Your Best Idea

Day 6: Use the Side Hustle Selector to Compare Ideas

Day 7: Become a Detective

Day 8: Have Imaginary Coffee with Your Ideal Customer

  • Every side hustle has a target customer. Start with one “avatar”: single, specific, imaginary person

Day 9: Transform Your Idea into an Offer

  • The Promise: how your hustle will change someone’s life
  • The Pitch: why they should purchase or sign up now
  • The Price: what it costs to purchase or sign up (and how to do it)

Day 10: Create Your Origins Story

  • A narrative of why
    • I started this because I noticed blank. There didn’t seem to be anyone else doing anything about it, so I made blank.

Week 3: Prepare for Liftoff

Day 11: Assemble the Nuts and Bolts

  • Steps everyone needs to take

Day 12: Decide How to Price Your Offer

  • Product should take into account time spent
  • Service should at least match your normal hourly rate

Day 13: Create a Side Hustle Shopping List

Day 14: Set Up a Way to Get Paid

  • Don’t re-invent the wheel

Day 15: Design Your First Workflow

  • Repeatable checklist

Day 16: Spend 10 Percent More Time on the Most Important Tasks

  • Provide more value and make more money

Week 4: Launch Your Idea to the Right People

Day 17: Publish Your Offer!

  • Launch in beta

Day 18: Sell Like a Girl Scout

  • Benefits are ways in which a product will improve someone’s life
  • Features are details that demonstrate how
  • Benefits are much better!!

Day 19: Ask Ten People for Help

Day 20: Test, Test, and Test Again

  • Data don’t lie
  • Test the big things: product (what you offer), offer (how you present it), price (how much it costs)

Day 21: Burn Down the Furniture Store

  • Deals, sales, special offers: not-so-secret weapon

Day 22: Frame Your First Dollar

Week 5: Regroup and Refine

Day 23: Track Your Progress and Decide on Next Steps

  • Metrics: profit, growth, time

Day 24: Grow What Works, Let Go of What Doesn’t

  • What’s working well?
  • Automate or outsource?
  • Make more money without spending more time?
  • Increase prices?

Day 25: Look for Money Lying Under a Rock

Day 26: Get It Out of Your Head


Day 27: Back to the Future


  • Useful: Appendix 2: How to Validate an Idea with $10 and a Facebook Account