#48 - Brian Christian on better living through the wisdom of computer science

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  • Computational kindness, and the best way to schedule meetings
  • How can we characterize a computational model of what people are actually doing, and is there a rigorous way to analyse just how good their instincts actually are?
  • What’s it like being a human confederate in the Turing test competition?
  • Is trying to detect fake social media accounts a losing battle?
  • The canonical explore/exploit problem in computer science: the multi-armed bandit
  • What’s the optimal way to buy or sell a house?
  • Why is information economics so important?
  • What kind of decisions should people randomize more in life?
  • How much time should we spend on prioritisation?
  • Explore exploit problem
  • Multi armed bandit problem
  • Good form for life
  • A key assumption is immediate feedback
  • Restless bandit problem is np complete, when payouts are constantly changing
  • Work dumber. In 2005 “worse” Linux scheduler resulted in actually getting more work done
  • Copernican principle is actually mathematically supported!
  • Computational kindness :)