101: Ben Orenstein - How to Build an App in a Week

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  • The common mistakes people make when working on a new project that prevent them from getting it to the finish line.
  • Be ruthless about cutting. Cut password resets, credit card expiry, etc
  • Developers shouldn’t fall in love with complexity but they do
  • Yes there are edge cases, no you don’t need to handle all of them up front
  • Let the world push you into more complexity
  • Things change. It’s not a failure of yourself if your system from last month isn’t good enough to support you today. It means you designed the right system for last month
  • Beware the iceberg problem: 10% on surface 90% lies below
  • Billing is a good example of this. Half a day to get credit cards working, hundreds of hours for everything else
  • Nix user auth, teams, invites, etc
  • Deadlines are bad if accompanied by fixed scope. Flexible scope makes deadlines great