Peter Attia, M.D. -- How to Live a Longer, Higher Quality Life

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  • Mission is to understand and improve human lifespan and healthspan (or quality of life).
  • Mastery and lifespan
  • Wealth defined as the number of great people in your life?
  • 80 is lifespan
  • 40 is where healthspan starts to dip
  • At 70 you’re halfway done with healthspan
  • You want more of both!
  • Health compounds!
  • Prevention > treatment
  • Cancer spends > 80% of its life undetectable. You need to be aware that it does not happen overnight
  • Healthspan is composed of mind body and spirit
  • Mind measured by executive function, processing speed, short term memory
  • Body is maintenance of muscle mass, ability to carry out functional movement, frequency of pain
  • Spirit is sense of purpose and social support
  • To increase healthspan, move these levers positively. Eating, sleeping, exercise, stress management, drugs and hormones, learning to avoid harmful behaviors
  • 3 diseases: cardio disease, cancer, neurodegenerative disease. These are main causes of death outside drinking/smoking and suicide
  • People who live to 100 have genetic advantages. Their genes code for proteins which offer protection from the above
  • Cyclic fasting > caloric restriction
  • Wisconsin study shows that caloric restriction only works for monkeys with already bad diets cause they cut out crap. No effect on healthy normal diet monkeys
  • Only rapomicin (drug) extends life
  • Next frontier is fixing aging like gray hair and muscle loss
  • Autophagy is the backing concept for cyclic fasting. Self killing cells. Collect the good parts get rid of the bad parts. Happens when you’re hungry
  • No clue how to optimize for autophagy. Can’t measure in humans
  • Benefits of lifting/exercise?
  • Dense bones help prevent breakage
  • Metabolic benefits are best. Help with glucose regulation, need to keep glucose levels low and stdev low
  • Don’t anchor your ego to being right. Shed things when data says differently. Anchor it to knowing as much as possible.