The Friendship Cure

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  • Kate Leaver
  • Modern society structure, technology make us think we have an enormous circle of friends when we really need 5 good ones
  • Any ailment physical or mental can be linked to or made worse by loneliness
  • To make new friends, start by auditing your own life
  • Loneliness is like a silent disco where you’re the only one without headphones on
  • Female friendship has vulnerability
  • Men respond to anxiety with fear and flight, women respond with tend and befriend
  • Internalized homophobia with male friendships
  • Both sides need some parts of the other
  • “Your flaws bring somewhere”
  • Give yourself and others permission to be friends with the opposite sex
  • Sardinia bunch of 100 year old people – they have normal lives but they are always surrounded by friends and family