Who is MiningLamp? Why was it able to win Tencent's high-value investment?

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  • 1 billion RMB investment from Tencent in MiningLamp last year
  • Why? Three 3’s
    • First group: AI in the cloud
      • Big data keeps getting bigger everywhere
      • Value of data has increased
      • Smart sensors are improving scale and dimension of data. All thanks to improvements and centralization in computing!
    • Second group: dimensions in which AI can be applied
      • Fields with massive amounts of data
      • Obviously inelastic demand (demand will not change even if price rises. Demand is very high).
      • Current solutions are flawed
    • Third group: challenges
      • Volume of data is large and difficult to handle, data silos create bottlenecks
      • Development of AI is still in infancy. Limit to value creation
      • Perception of businesses and governments towards AI must change and grow warmer
  • MiningLamp released Xiaming, a police AI.
    • Analyze crime maps and identify suspects and probabilities. Comparable ability to an experienced police officer.
    • Cognitive AI vs. “perception AI”. It “thinks” and makes decisions instead of just perceiving the world. Bias towards neocortex (thinking, imagination, NLP, symbol processing)
      • Together, perception + cognition = human intelligence
      • Three steps for development and adoption:
        • Bring data online
        • Implement online analysis and mining based on data
        • Closed-loop solution with a steady flow of customer value
  • “Still a long way to go”