#1070 - Jordan Peterson

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  • Equality of outcome sucks
    • If you have freedom equality of outcome is not possible
    • Inequality/concentration of resources is natural. Sports, nature, population
    • How much tyranny do you need to impose to create equality of outcome?
  • There are differences between men and women! Four decades has been accepted as fact
  • Liberals start companies conservatives run companies. Need each other.
    • Conservatives will maximize efficiency
  • Better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war
  • Don’t feel good about who you are, feel good about who you could be. Participation trophies are bad.
  • Outline your heaven and hell. This will motivate you
  • People want optimal challenge, not complete relaxation
  • How much better would the world be if everyone stopped making it worse
  • Toxic tribalism leads to bloodshed
  • Very very self critical. 15 years to write his book maps of meaning. Rewrote each sentence 15x!