The Backfire Effect - Part Four

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  • Challenged identity triggers fight or flight
  • Let’s start from the beginning to cover context
  • Marshal in ww2 needs to maintain morale to turn civilians into soldiers
  • Change idea that America only wanted to help Britain and that Germany was inconsequential
    • Solution: Make a movie. Frank Capra
    • What’s changing when you change your mind? No one knows
    • Study by Stoffer: no change in morale from Why We Fight films
    • Facts changed, opinions did not. Facts do not change minds/attitudes
  • 2016 election study: no backfire. Thomas Wood
  • Again, we are not rational beings.
  • Shared values create values which we protect by beliefs by cherry picking facts. This is the psychological digestive system. We often think of it as going the other way
  • Backfire is still very rare! Only in cases of identity
  • Western educated industrial Rich democratic students: WEIRDS. Always used in these studies