How to Fall Asleep in 2 Minutes or Less

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  • Background: WWII pilots had sleep deficiency. US Army hired Bud Winter to come up with a program to deal with this.

Physically Relax

  • Let’s breathe slowly, deeply, and regularly. Take all the wrinkles out of your forehead. Relax your scalp. Just let go. Now let your jaw sag-g-g. Let it drop open. Now relax the rest of your face muscles. Get the brook trout look on your face. Even relax your tongue and lips. Just let them go loose. Breathe slowly. Now, let’s go after the eight muscles that control your eyes. Let them go limp in their sockets. No focus, just let them go limp. Breathe slowly.
  • Move down your body and deaden everything.

Mentally Relax

  • Stop the train of thoughts that is usually rumbling through your head
  • Three techniques
    • It is a warm spring day and you are lying in the bottom of a canoe on a very serene lake. You are looking up at a blue sky with lazy, floating clouds.
    • Imagine that you are in a big, black, velvet hammock and everywhere you look is black.
    • Say the words ‘don’t think… don’t think… don’t think,’ etc.