The UX of AI

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  • Buzzword: human-centered machine learning
    • Bring machine learning to people, don’t just do it in isolation
  • Why human-centered is important
    • If you aren’t aligned with a human need, you’re just going to build a very powerful system to address a very small — or perhaps nonexistent — problem.
    • If the goals of an AI system are opaque, and the user’s understanding of their role in calibrating that system are unclear, they will develop a mental model that suits their folk theories about AI, and their trust will be affected.
    • In order to thrive, machine learning must become multi-disciplinary. Machine learning is the science of making predictions based on patterns and relationships that’ve been automatically discovered in data. Needs human guidance to do this more and more abstractly.
  • The role of AI shouldn’t be to find the needle in the haystack for us, but to show us how much hay it can clear so we can better see the needle ourselves.