Mr. Robot

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  • Geoffrey Hinton is “the father of deep learning”
  • Started researching perceptrons in the 90s, it was quiet for awhile, but breakthroughs came earlier this decade. Joined Google in 2013.
  • CapsNet: artificial neurons organized into layers that track the relationship between various parts of an object—the little space from a person’s nose to their mouth is the example Hinton gives
  • AI researchers make a shit ton of money, his network is pulling it in rn
  • Comes from a super duper academic background. Has had a rough personal life (lost two wives)
  • Canadian AI mafia: Hinton, Bengio, LeCun
  • “We’re machines,” says Hinton. “We’re just produced biologically. Most people doing AI don’t have doubt that we’re machines. We’re just extremely fancy machines. And I shouldn’t say just. We’re special, wonderful machines.”