Will Storr on why you are not yourself

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  • Storr dives deep into the cultural, evolutionary, and psychological construction of that thing that feels to us like our self, but is not actually ours, and is not a single thing.
  • We used to compare to 150 people in the tribe. With social media we compare to everybody everywhere
  • Humans are very tribal
  • In groups, out groups, irrelevant groups
  • Californians who use Macs, New Yorkers who use Windows, everyone else
  • How do we decide when a group is in or out?
  • Outgroups are threats to status
  • Perfectionism is the dark string that links stuff like suicide
  • People think they see everything with full clarity but that’s impossible or they’d be Jesus. This is what bias is. They go through their beliefs and none of them seem wrong. You can’t pull yourself out of that story because that story is reality as we experience it